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Endurance Series SP3 Live Presentation

EnduRacers Endurance Series

Endurance Series SP3 Live Presentation

Yesterday, EnduRacers streamed a live presentation of their upcoming Endurance SeriesĀ Service Pack 3 content for rFactor on Paddock TV. For those who missed it they uploaded the recap of the event.Ā The video shows us a demonstration race featuring 21 cars on at the Silverstone Circuit.

Enduracers announced that the SP3 is supposed to be the last release for rFactor. Once completed, the team will start a conversion bringing the mod to the rFactor 2 platform. To get acquainted with the rF2 workflow, Enduracers will first convert and release their popular Flat6 Series mod (Porsche).

Endurance Series SP3 new cars:

  • ORECA 01 – P2
  • Aston Martin DBR1-2 – P1
  • Zytek 07S and 09S – P1 and P2
  • Lola B08-B09-B11 – P2
  • Maserati MC12 – GT1
  • BMW M3 – GT2
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