F1 24 – Official Career Mode Deep Dive

EA Sports and Codemasters have published a new Deep Dive video for the upcoming F1 24 the official video game of the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship outlining what EA called the most significant upgrade to career mode since 2016.

F24 Career Highlights:

  • Driver Career Reimagined: For the first time ever, choose to step into the shoes of your favorite drivers, past and present.
  • Build Recognition: Develop the stories of legends of F1 such as Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, or forge your own legacy and climb through the ranks of Formula 2.
  • New Gameplay Rooted in F1: Negotiate your contract in secret meetings, complete real-time objectives set by your engineers, and battle in multi-season rivalries throughout the grid.
  • Introducing Challenge Career: Discover a new way to enjoy Career mode, new episodes released at regular intervals, with fans voting to determine the format and content of the next one.
  • Reworked Two-Player Career: Race with or compete against a friend in the reimagined Two-Player Career, rebuilt from the ground up to encompass all the changes made in Driver Career.

F1 24 will become available on 31 May 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Epic Games Store, and Steam. (Pre-orders will get early access starting May 28th)

Players who pre-order* the digital-exclusive Champions Edition by May 1 will get immediate access to a selection of 2024 liveries for use in F1®️ 23’s special Time Trial mode^, as well as the two new Icons, 18,000 PitCoin**, an F1® World Bumper Pack, up to three days of early access starting May 28 including exclusive Verstappen-inspired special events with unique unlockable rewards, and one bonus VIP Podium Pass.

Plus, those who own F1®️ 2021, F1®️ 22, or F1®️ 23, can take advantage of a 15% loyalty discount on F1®️ 24 Champions Edition pre-orders***. Load any of these games to find out how. Players pre-ordering* the Standard Edition will receive 5,000 PitCoin** and an F1® World Starter Pack.

EA Sports Quote:

Driver Career Reimagined

We’ve evolved our approach to Driver Career in F1® 24, introducing a single-player experience that mirrors the challenges drivers face in the real F1® paddock. The revamped Driver Career mode allows you to live the Career of a real driver in more ways than one.

For the first time, you can take the title fight through the eyes of one of the 20 stars of the current F1® season or step into the shoes of up-and-coming talent in F2™. If that’s not your style, why not build upon the legacy of an iconic driver from F1’s history, such as Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher, and show the current generation of drivers why you’re one of the greats.

Grow Recognition

In F1® 24, our new Career mode is powered by the Driver Recognition system, which gives more weight to every decision you make on and off the track. You will be tasked with specific goals during race weekends, contract targets, and season-long specific goals. These feed into the Driver Recognition system and allow you to build a more meaningful and personalized standing within the Paddock.

Achieving the best drive is critical to winning in Formula 1® Your performance on track and how you’re achieving the goals you set yourself will all impact your bargaining power in the marketplace. As your recognition grows, working with your agent, you’ll engage in secret contract meetings with other teams to give yourself the opportunity to move to a more competitive team.

Entering into talks with another team brings an element of risk if your current team finds out, and the risk of your current team finding out increases the longer negotiation talks go on. Do you take the risk of upsetting your current team to go after a drive at your dream team, or do you play it safe and stay where you are?

If you would like to start your career in F2™ and work your way up to F1®, you can pick an academy team that will influence the opportunities you will get in F1®. You can seek opportunities with different teams, but this could risk impacting your current F2™ relationships, as staying loyal will help build a strong working relationship and provide rewards in the long term. The decision is yours.

Resaerch & Development

Not only does your reputation affect your future prospects in F1® 24, but it also ties into the updated Research and Development system. As your reputation grows, you will see that the team is more motivated to design and build new parts. As a result, you will find that upgrades are produced far quicker and with a smaller chance of the parts failing. You will also get the opportunity to build secret upgrades through the season, aiding you in building a budding championship-winning team and staying ahead of the grid.

Each driver is given a pool of resource points to build the best car on the grid, opening up choices for you to make. Do you work with your teammate and focus developments on one particular aspect of the car? Or spread your Resource Points for slower but more balanced development? This is entirely up to you. 

Once you complete a full season, you will encounter new challenges through season modifiers. These season-long effects range from high inflation, meaning upgrades are more expensive, or you could run into chip shortages, which limit you to one upgrade per month. On top of this, some modifiers restrict you to Aero-only and Chassis-only upgrades, making each upgrade vital and ensuring that no two seasons will feel the same.

Driver Accolades

Accolades are brand new to F1® 24 and add a new, unique twist to the Career mode. These are long-term milestones for you to complete and tied to each driver based on their real-world achievements in the sport.

Starting the season as a custom driver will give you a blank slate, and you will acquire accolades as you play through the Career mode, such as one for simply completing your first practice session. 

But if you want to take on the Career mode as one of the pros, your goals will be based on their real-life achievements. As Lewis Hamilton, you will be challenged to go for glory and win his eighth world title. Whereas if you jump into the shoes of Max Verstappen, your goal will be to defend your title as the reigning champion. 

These season-long goals aren’t just tied to the current grid; playing as Icons will present you with unique challenges to build on their legendary careers. 

Two Player Career

If playing with your friend is more your style, then we have got you covered. All of the new single-player features are present in Two-Player Career mode, which you can play through as one of the current drivers, an Icon, or your own custom driver. 

These changes offer an entirely different experience to a two-person career. Perhaps you’ll use the reworked contract system to your advantage, or attend secret meetings without your friend knowing. There are lots of storylines waiting to be uncovered.

Challenge Career

A brand new way to experience Career for F1® 24, featuring shorter, bite-sized scenarios that change throughout the year. In Challenge Career, you’re put into the shoes of an existing driver and team; with events that are identical for all players. Completing them will earn you points and a spot on the global leaderboard.

At the end of the multi-week season, the player with the most points will be crowned the champion of Challenge Career. Future Challenge Careers will be determined by player voting and real driver influences, which will affect the choice of driver and circuits you will have to master.

Official Website – www.formula1-game.com