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F1 Legends Racing mod released for rFactor

F1 Legends Racing for rFactor

A while ago my former modding buddy Boreks released the F1 Legends Racing Mod for GT Legends,GTR2, and Race 07. Boreks stated that he would also have liked the mod to appear on the ISI rFactor platform. So he is pleased to announce that now the F1 Legends Racing (shortly F1LR) is converted and enhanced by GFraser1965 & team.

The mod contains seven cars representing seven different manufacturers who were active during the 1967 Formula one season. The seven manufacturers are represented by a single main 3d model, sporting small graphical changes and different physics. For the creative souls out there it will be nice to hear that the mod package comes with paint templates.

The 1967 Formula One season was the 18th season in the FIA Formula One existence. It featured the 1967 World Championship of Drivers and the 1967 International Cup for F1 Manufacturers. In those days the season also included a number races that did not count towards the championship.This was the era of true heroes when racing was more dangerous than ever.




F1 Legends Racing rFactor  F1 Legends Racing rFactor

rFactor mod car park content

  • F1LR 1967 car park by BorekS
  • F1LR 1967 League car park (original mod skins + new skins, made by GeeDee + GFraser1965 & team)
  • F1LR 1969 League car park (“wingy” cars with different physics)

Car slots:

  • F1 1967 Eagle
  • F1 1967 Lotus
  • F1 1967 BRM
  • F1 1967 Brabham
  • F1 1967 Cooper
  • F1 1967 Ferrari
  • F1 1967 Honda
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F1 Legends Racing rFactor  F1 Legends Racing rFactor