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Fanatec CSL Elite Combo Review by SimRacingGirl

Fanatec CSL Elite Combo Review by SimRacingGirl

SimRacingGirl presents her review of the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel-base, CSL Elite Load Cell brake Pedal set, and the CSL P1 Wheel rim.

This latest mid-range Force Feedback wheel and pedal set by Fanatec is PC and XBox One Compatible.

The CSL Elite Wheel Base and pedals are specifically designed to provide the customer with the famed Fanatec quality while keeping the price point in check with a midrange market. The CSL Elite Wheel Base is positioned below the ClubSport Wheel Base V2, but more powerful than the V1 and is compatible with all CSL and ClubSport steering wheels.

The full-metal Aluminium CSL Elite Pedal set is available as a standard two pedal unit or can be purchased with an additional Brake pedal that is fitted with a load cell. The proprietary load cell is integrated directly into to the pedal arm and measures the pressure on the pedal arm itself.

Each pedal (throttle, brake, and clutch) are horizontally adjustable and can even be separately mounted onto a customized cockpit base. The new electronics feature potentiometer sensors with a metal gear on the throttle and clutch pedal arms featuring a 12bit resolution. The load cell brake comes features an ultra-precise 16bit resolution.

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