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Fanatec CSW V2 review by Sim Racing Garage

Fanatec CSW V2 review by Sim Racing Garage

Fanatec CSW V2 review by Sim Racing Garage

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage reviews the new Fanatec Club Sport Wheel Base V2. Barry already had the wheel base in his position, but was under NDA. Now that the Wheel Base V2 is officially announced, Barry was able to publish his review.

The follow-up of the popular ClubSport wheel base may look no different than its predecessor, but houses some interesting inner features. As usual Barry Rowland shows us all technical features in full detail. After reviewing the inner workings and included control software, Barry takes the Fanatec CSW V2  for a test on his SimXperience Stage 5 Motion Simulator.

For more info about the Fanatec Club Sport Wheel Base V2 visit

The Fanatec Clubsport Wheel Base can be pre-ordered for €499,95 /$499.95. The regular price once shipping starts will be €599,95/$599.95. As reported before, Fanatec thinks the demand will be bigger than the availability. Therefore, they came up with an invite sales model.

This is how it works:

• Fanatec will send an e-mail to their web-shop customers with an invite code. There will be several waves of e-mails in the next months.
• Only after the invite has entered the code to their profile page they will be able to purchase or pre-order this product.
• After they purchased one V2 base you will receive a second code. that code can be used to give that to a friend or buy a second base.
• Only one code will be given with a purchase as Fanatec wants to avoid that people are selling their products or invites on eBay and make money with it.
• Fanatec will also give away invites in giveaway events so frequent followers of the blog or Facebook will also get a chance to get an invite.

This is the priority we will use for the invites to make it as fair and transparent as possible.

1. Webshop customers of the CSW B V1 and CSR E (sorted by purchase date).
2. Webshop customers of other ClubSport products like CSP or CSS.
3. All other Fanatec customers.

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