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Fanatec – New Beta Driver & Firmware released

Fanatec Beta Driver 222

Fanatec  – New Beta Driver & Firmware released (Windows 10)

Fanatec released a new Beta driver pack and firmware, bringing Windows 10 support to the Fanatec PC products. The CSW V1 and V2 firmware also includes  a collection of optimizations for various products across the PC and Console line-up.


Driver v.222 Changelog:

Supported devices: 


  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  • ClubSport Wheel Base
  • CSR Wheel
  • CSR Elite Wheel
  • Porsche GT2 Wheel
  • Porsche GT3 V2 Wheel
  • Porsche Wheel Turbo S


  • All Fanatec USB pedals
  • All pedal sets which are connected to supported Fanatec Wheels
  • ClubSport USB Adapter (Handbrake & ClubSport Shifter supported)

ClubSport Series steering wheels:

  • ALL (released before August 2015)

New firmware included:

  •    – CSW V1 base: CSW_Base_V109_rev535_boot_beta
  •    – CSW V2 base: CSW_V2_Base_V110_rev536_boot_beta

Feature updates:

  • CSP V3 acceleration vibration can now be used by developers when pedals connected to CSW Base OR by USB. Fanatec SDK (PC & PS4) Updated!
  • Windows 10 ready!
  • This driver should be fully compatible with Windows 10. Please post all possible Win10 related issues into the comments. It would be great if you could try to reproduce the same problem in Win 8 as well to verify the root cause.
  • Various minor code improvements and updates

CHANGELOG CSW (V1 & V2) Firmware:

  • Optimized initialization process to avoid calibration differences between different rims/wheels.
  • Reworked UHX PC mode toggle to solve USB 3.0 issues
  • Fan PWM alterations to eliminate fan noise problems
  • New UHX PC button mapping – more buttons can be used
  • XBO communication refined
  • PS3 Mode – The ring of light will always stay white in PS3 mode now (red = PC; green = Xbox One)
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