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Fanatec Easter Egg hinting a new product – What is it?

Fanatec Easter egg hinting a new product - What is it?

Fanatec Easteregg 2017

Fanatec Easter egg hinting a new product

In good Easter spirit, Fanatec posted an intriguing Easter Egg picture. In the sim racing scene, Easter Eggs are typically used to display the credits for a development team or to reveal a hidden message.

It seems obvious that the German sim racing peripheral manufacturer is hinting a new and coming product. While it is not exactly clear what the picture should represent, we can clearly see what looks like a PlayStation Logo in the bottom right corner.

CEO of Fanatec, Thomas Jackermeier did already explain that the picture does not show us a wheel or a button box. Nevertheless, the product seems to be car related as some of the button graphics picture a Cruise Control and Brake System icon.

If you know more, let us know in the comment section.

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