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Fanatec Flat1 steering wheel revealed.

Fanatec Flat1

Fanatec Flat1

Fanatec “Flat1” wheel announced

Fanatec keeps announcing new steering wheel add-on’s for their Club Sport Wheel base. Today’s announcement is called the “Fanatec Flat1” The wheel appears to use the same control Base as the Round 1 model.

Just like the Round1 steering wheel, it is a small rim measuring 270 mm, but this one is covered with suede leather. The Fanatec Flat1 also features additional buttons, and what Fanatec calls a tuning display. The wheel looks to be a copy of a MOMO Endurance wheel.

When looking at the preview screen of the Flat1, it almost looks as if this wheel picture is a mock-up. The brackets holding the button boxes do not line up and the Tuning display seemes to cover the Fanatec logo on top. That said, it could be a prototype… or is there another more important reason?

Our best guess is that Fanatec is building the steering wheels as a “Modular Design” where you can add buttons and features to your own liking. ( Keep in mind that this is just speculation on our part) If so, we have to admit this would be a rather cool feature that might please a big part of the Sim Racing community.

Fanatec also hinted that this is not the last wheel on offer. There will be another reveal soon.The next to be released Steering wheel will bring the number of newly announced wheels to six.

The Fanatec Flat1 wheel will be available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax)

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