Fanatec – Kireth Interviews Thomas Jackermeier About What Went Wrong

Fanatec - Kireth Interviews Thomas Jackermeier About What Went Wrong

Back in 1997, Thomas Jackermeier founded the German Endor Ag company, which is the parent company of the ever-so-popular Fanatec brand. Headquartered in Landshut, Bavaria, the company has conquered the entire globe as one of the leading brands in the ever-growing sim racing industry.

The company has come a long way since the release of its early PC peripherals, releasing officially licensed products for the PC and both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Fanatec is now having big automotive brands such as Porsche and BMW as official partners. Furthermore, Endor secured a number of prestigious licenses in the world of racing, including Formula 1, the FIA World Rally Championship, and the SRO Fanatec GT World Challenge to name a few.

When companies grow, everything gets more complicated, and with it, they get more vulnerable to issues. The past few months, things did not go as planned at Fanatec, missed Black Friday orders, open customer support tickets, the ClubSport DD+ not shipping, warranty date questions, partial deleveries made, and more.

Sim Racing YouTuber Kireth flew to Germany and sat down with Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier to present him with a list of questions submitted by the sim racing community and give Thomas the opportunity to explain what unfortunately went wrong, and what has been done to solve the issues.

Kireth: After the interview, Fanatec added the following with respect to warranties: “The warranty start date shown for any product in a Fanatec account is based on the shipping date of the order. This means if the customer purchases a pre-order item, the purchase date has no bearing on the start of the warranty coverage. If the customer requires support towards the end of the warranty period, we take the date of delivery into account.”

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