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Fanatec revealed the Round 1 add-on

Fanatec Round 1 Wheel add-on

Round 1

Fanatec Round 1 wheel announced

Fanatec just announced yet another add-on steering wheel for the Club Sport Wheel base. This one is called the “ROUND 1” According to Fanatec, a lot of people are waiting for small, round and light GT rim. The 270mm diameter wheel rim is coated  in leather, or leather look. The unit features 17 buttons in PlayStation style. 

Fanatec officially announced that this is not the last wheel on offer and that they will reveal another rim shortly. After releasing info on the new Classic, Carbon Formula and NASCAR rims, this one actually came as a surprise. The next to be released Steering wheel will bring the number of newly announced wheels to five.

The Round 1 wheel will be available this summer for 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax)

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