Fanatec Reveals The 12Nm ClubSport DD Wheel Base

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Fanatec ClubSport DD

Almost in stealth mode, German sim racing peripheral manufacturer Fanatec announced the brand new ClubSport Direct Drive Wheel Base and put it up for pre-order.

The new Fanatec ClubSport DD delivers 12 Nm of consistent torque and features a number of structural and electronic control optimizations that let’s the wheel base deliver industry-leading performance.

Fanatec states that by splitting the rotor into offset segments, cogging torque is naturally reduced. Combined with their patented FluxBarrier technology which increases efficiency and smoothness, the result is crystal-clear force feedback information in every driving situation. The wheelbase has been engineered to meet strict cooling requirements, resulting in a thermally stable Wheel Base that can deliver a consistent 12 Nm torque in the most extreme conditions.

FullForce is a new force feedback protocol tailored specifically for FANATEC Direct Drive. Leveraging the instantaneous response and zero backlash of direct drive technology, FullForce generates high-frequency vibrations for a new level of immersive effects. Class-leading slew rate performance combined with the powerful processor makes every motor reaction incredibly fast and dynamic while remaining perfectly stable. This behavior lends itself to traditional force feedback signals as well as enhanced FullForce signals (in supported games).

As far as reliability is concerned, Fanatec states that the aluminum shaft inside the motor is the strongest they have ever made. Furthermore, the location of the slip ring electronics allows the shaft to be made with greater wall thickness. The bearing seat is also fully aluminum, providing strong radial load, rotational precision, and better shielding against EMI and ESD.

As expected, the ClubSport DD was designed from the ground up with the new QR2 Quick Release in mind. The QR electronics module is now fully integrated with the shaft, significantly improving its strength. Exchanging the QR2 design to QR1 only removes the outer metal flange, meaning that there is no electronic connection to swap.

The ClubSport DD Wheel Base is available for Pre-Order via the official Fanatec Web Store for €699.95 / $699.95 + tax and shipping when applicable. The ClubSport DD Wheel Base will start shipping on Nov 7, 2023.

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