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Fanatec To Reveal New Podium Series Of Products

Fanatec To Reveal New Podium Series Of Products
Fanatec Podium Series

Fanatec To Reveal New Podium Series Of Products

Last week, we quoted Fanatec CEO, Thomas Jackermeier when he said: We already have three product lines and will add another one very soon…
As expected, Fanatec is planning to unveil its new product line during the 2017 edition of the Sim Racing Expo which takes place this weekend (16th and 17th of September) at the 8.800 sqm ring Boulevard on the German Nürburgring Grand-Prix circuit.

The new product line named ‘Podium Series’ will become Fanatec’s highest range of products positioned above the ClubSport Series. The ‘Podium Series’ products will be compatibility throughout the whole product palette. Thomas Jackermeier stated that with this new range of products, Fanatec tries to set new standards in terms of functionality, performance, and durability, while retaining compatibility and a great price performance.

As expected, the exciting first Fanatec Podium Series product to be unveiled at the 2017 Sim Racing Expo is the long awaited Fanatec direct drive wheel base.

We will keep you posted on this weekend’s Sim Racing Expo as Bsimracing partner AussieStig is on the scene to cover all the ongoing events.

Fanatec Sim Racing Hardware

Endor, with its Headquarters in Landshut / Bavaria, was founded in the year 1997 by Thomas Jackermeier, who turned his hobby into his profession. As an active player of early-stage PC-Games, he very quickly recognized the decisive role that input devices would play on performance, reality, and fun. During the 90’s, the choice, from among what was available on high-quality devices, was very limited. Thomas decided to give up his wholesale biking store, a start-up business he had used to finance his educational degree during his time at the University of Regensburg while obtaining his Masters of Business Administration. Following his studies, he bought the company AB-Union, which was changed to Endor Ltd., which would later become Endor AG.

The developed products were never marketed under the name Endor, but rather under the brand name Fanatec, providing Endor with the flexibility needed, to be able to introduce new brands into varying markets as desired. Fanatec products are developed in Germany, produced in Asia and are sold globally via the Fanatec online web shop.

Today Fanatec can count itself amongst the global market leaders in high-end sim racing equipment for consoles and PC systems. For more product info and purchases, check out the official Fanatec web page.

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