First RENNSPORT In-Game Video Footage

First RENNSPORT In-Game Video Footage

For a few months now, snippets of news regarding a new upcoming PC racing simulator have been on the horizon, and the limited info with it triggered somewhat of a controversy. Today, via its Twitter account, the developer published the first ingame teaser video footage showcasing a lap at the Hockenheim ring in a Porsche 911 GT3R.

The upcoming title named RENNSPORT, is promising to become the next big step in sim racing, combining driving physics developed and validated by experts within the automotive industry and custom high-fidelity Unreal Engine 5 graphics. At this point, it is not clear whether the title will be a hardcore simulator or a sim-cade racing game that can cater to a wider audience.

The title is scheduled to go into Beta test during spring 2022. No official release date is known at this point in time. I will keep you posted when more official info is shared.

It’s our obsession to create the perfect racing game with you. Ready for ultra-realistic sim racing but also fun to drive. We know that it is a long journey to reach this goal. But we are determined to get there together with our community.

The title will feature integrated Esports tools in cooperation with the well-known German esports organizer ESL. The game will integrate professional broadcasting tools and easy to share highlight clips.

Another interesting statement is the inclusion of modding support. For now, no further details have been shared about how that will work, and what will be moddable.

Then we come to the controversial part of the announcement. The (for now) unknown German developer of the game has been using terms such as ” Real Digital Ownership” which might just hint at the introduction of NFTs in sim racing. For now, I am not going to speculate if this is a really good thing or a bad thing for sim racing in general. Whatever the outcome, the sim racing community opinions regarding the use of NFTs seem to be very divided.

Your sweat, your tears, your ownership

You invest your time, spend money on your hobby – and what’s yours in the end? Everything! With RENNSPORT you can build your own legacy with individual cars, custom tracks and much more. Your assets will be owned by you. And you can trade them through the marketplace of your choice.

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