Formula Truck 2013 developments – features and new Website ready for release.


Over at RaceDepartment, Reiza has posted some info about the developments and features regarding the imminent official release of Formula Truck 2013.


Reiza Quote:

We are currently working on the final bits and bobs for the updated Formula Truck website for the official release of Formula Truck 2013.

In the meantime, we figured we should do as we did when the game was originally released, and give all our supporters – whoever bought either the original Formula Truck, or GSC / GSC2012 – a chance to grab it a little earlier :)

If you are amongst them, expect to receive within the next 24 hours an email to the address you registered on your purchase with the download links – if for any reason you don´t get it in this time (and it´s not in your SPAM box), or if you purchased using a different method, contact us via PM here or send an email to

If however you haven´t bought Formula Truck yet, there is no reason to feel left out – make your purchase here now to receive the download link along with your Serial Number!

The official website will soon be updated to feature all the info, download links and support information you might need. But feel free to discuss, ask questions or post your feedback here once you get it. Afterall, sunday is a great day for truck racing :)

Some info on installation for those who get it:

Formula Truck 2013 is completely independent install from the original game – there´s no need to to use or overwrite anything from the original if you still have it installed – there is no need to keep the original either, unless you want to.

If you already had the game activated, Formula Truck 2013 should pick it up and start straightaway – it isnt´necessary to install it again. Just make sure to install it in the same partition you had the original in.

If you dont have the original installed or activated but have a Serial Number, just install Formula Truck 2013 and activate using your Serial Number, always making sure to run the game as a Windows administrator – if the user is not an administrator, right-click the game icon and select “Run as admin”.


Official Webpage –