netKar Pro – Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni by Radiator Springs Released.


Radiator Springs Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni Released.

Radiator Springs Racing Team proudly presents the first add-on car for netKar PRO, namely the Lamborghini Gallardo.
We tried our best to have a car that is as close as possible to the real one.
We spent a lot of time looking for real data, modeling the car physics with care, and testing the car with people that drive it on track in real life.

This is just the first release of our work. We are planning to improve our car even more in the future.
We are aware of some little glitches, and we will fix them in the following releases.

  • Physics: Andrea Lojelo
  • 3d model: Fulvio "Gek" Genova
  • Textures: Fulvio "Gek" Genova, Mario Gilles
  • Sounds: Attilio Barba, Domagoj Lovric
  • Skins: Mario Gilles, Simon Batina
  • UI: Luca Seghieri
  • Testing and technical support: Maarten Steverink, Gianluca Bonifacio, Fabio Grippa, Luca Mosca, Riccardo Azzoli, Clive Melbourne, Simon Batina, René Lorig, Marius Carey, Luca Orsetti, Mika Raymond, Paul O’Brien, Giancarlo Graziano, Francesco Ledda, Mario Gilles, Fulvio Genova, Andrea Lojelo.

This mod is for non-commercial, private use only. 

Download here

Radiator Springs Racing Team created this car just to have fun, creating our own tools and experimenting a lot with a simulator that we love: netKar PRO. 
We would like to thank Stefano "Kunos" Casillo for the wonderful work on this simulator. 
Studying the way it works under the bonnet, trying to create a realistic physics for our car, we appreciated even more the great work he did. 
The physics engine is reacting with incredible precision to any little change of a parameter.
During those months, we’ve seen the car evolving a lot, and improving more and more as soon as new real data was found and modeled. 

We would like to thank all testers, and everyone that showed interest on our project.

We hope you will like it and will have fun with it, as much as we do. 
You are all invited to the championships we organize on our website.

Radiator Spring Racing – Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni

v1.0 [26/03/2012]: first public release

key features:

  • – scratch made physics and default setup purely based on real values
  • – scratch made 3d and textures




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