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Game Spotting – Behind the scenes of “Next Car Game” Car damage fun.


Go behind the scenes of Bugbear’s Next Car Game and see the test drive sessions of soft-body deformation car damage modeling. It’s all still work in progress, but the crew seems to have a lot of fun with it.

Bugbear Quote:

The big question has been “but is it soft-body deformation?” as opposed to rigid bodies and pre-set damage models, and we can guarantee you that yes, it is. This system was first used in Ridge Racer Unbounded (2012) and has been extensively updated and refined since. It uses no pre-set damage models and as few limits as we can get away with.

What that means is that when you hit  a car with something or the other way around, the car is going to have the right sized and shaped dent exactly where it was damaged.
Our aim with the damage modeling is to just have as much fun as possible with it. Because we can push cars through industrial grade metal presses, we certainly will. We’re creating a fun driving game with lots of crashes in it, and they’re going to look spectacular! 

All of the cars in the game use the same system, so you’re going to see at least a dozen cars all mangled together in epic demolition derbies.


Fans of the FlatOut series by Bugbear Entertainment will be delighted with the newest title.

The game is called ” Next Car Game”.  Bugbear is using their inhouse Game Engine called ROMU. If you loved the over-the-top, reckless racing action of the FlatOut series, or the ferocious wrecking fests of the Destruction Derby games, then this 2013 version of a wrecking racer will surely be of interest.

The game is supposed to be released Early spring 2014. However, Bugbear are planning on unleashing a sneak peek at the game this fall if they can garner enough interest.Initially the title will be released for PC, but if enough development money can be raised, Nex Car Game might appear on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.


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