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Game Spotting – Car Mechanic Simulator 2014.


Most car fans and gear heads like racing simulations. But there is more out there that might trigger your appetite for car gaming.  Red Dot Games created a simulation that is something entirely different.
Check out Car Mechanic Simulator 2014.  Its a simulation, but not as we know it.  Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 gives you the chance to run your own car repair shop.
You will have to repair and tune, but also order parts, handle customers, Deal with customers. And of course, you get to drive and test your work.

The game is on sale on the Steam platform, and has a 25% discount promo running . So you will be able to pick it up for only €11.24.  But there is more…
In a few months Red Dot Games will release a free 4×4 add-on that will bring a selection of new cars to the game. Further more they are planning to bring a Turbo add-on to the Simulator.

Get it here –

Game content:

  • unlimited, random orders make every gameplay different
  • hundreds of car parts to be ordered, repaired and mounted
  • variety of things to do: car repairs (engine, exhaust and suspension etc) chip tuning, interims, diagnostic path and more
  • career mode and free play for almost endless game experience
  • 3 different workshops each varying in size and equipment
  • 8 car types : town, compact, sedan, limousine, sport, utility van, suv, family van
  • over 100 car parts on each car to replace.


Official Webpage –