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Game Spotting – First in-game video footage of Ride

Game Spotting – First in-game video footage of Ride

A while ago the Italian software studio Milestone announced that they are working on a new motorbike game called “Ride” heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in spring 2015. The game will be published by PQube.

Milestone hinted that the game would feature more than a 100 Motorbikes and a big selection choice of circuits and locations. As the makers of the official MotoGP Series of games, they have the experience and knowhow to build a bike game that will appeal to most gamers.

Now the first in-game video footage of Ride was revealed at at the Milan Games Week. The video shows us an interview and PS4 footage of a 1190 KTM RC8R riding the public roads of an idyllic location.

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