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Game Spotting – Introducing Wrench The Game

Game Spotting - Introducing Wrench The Game

Game Spotting – Introducing Wrench The Game

It’s time for some more game spotting. The game we are introducing is a simulator of a different kind that might be of interest to tech and petrol-heads around the world.

Alec Moody aka Digital Mistake is a freelance video game artist specialized in modeling mechanical objects. In the past, Alec worked on quite a few popular racing titles we may be using on a daily basis. Recently Alec proudly announced he started working full-time on a prototype game concept of his own titled Wrench The Game.

Wrench is a Virtual Reality Car Mechanic game that could help you learn some techniques used in road and racing vehicles development when preparing cars for motorsports. The game is being developed using the UnrealEngine and will be aimed at the VR market. Nevertheless, Alec is also planning a version for normal screen use. The title will simulate the assembly of various automotive parts and will also provide virtual versions of the tools needed, such as ratchets, combination wrenches, impact tools, pry bars, torque wrenches, a shop press, and more. Keep in mind that all captured footage and media are part of a very early prototype game.

We are sure to follow-up on the development of this very original and educational game project.

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