Game Stock Car 2013 – Get ready for the Pre-Order.

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Reiza Studios announced Game Stock Car 2013 is on the way! Get ready for the Pre-Order.

The new version of the acclaimed Game Stock Car will be released by the end of September. GSC2013 will include all the cars and tracks content from GSC2012 developed with new improvements, along with a variety of new cars and tracks with their own unique appeal to the enthusiastic Simracer.

Game Stock Car 2013, is also going back to the origins. In GSC2013, a great Brazilian classic is back in action, and on its natural habitat.
The Opala Stock Car, the first car used in the early years of the series, will be incarnated on the glorious 70s Interlagos track.

The highly regarded formula cars from GSC2012 have been extensively revamped for an even more realistic driving experience.
With GSC2013, you race from dusk to dawn and also at night! A new feature in GSC2013 is 24h time cycle – all tracks are equipped with their actual night lightning. You will be able to customize the race starting time and time acceleration. As announced a while ago, you will also be able to do some karting.

Karting is considered even by the most reputed racing drivers as the most exciting racing style there is, and in GSC2013 you will learn why!

The game will soon be available for pre-order along with a special promotion. The price will be 24.90 US Dollars.



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