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Game Stock Car Extreme DLC preview screens

game stock car extreme 

Game Stock Car Extreme DLC preview shots

Reiza Studios already announced that Game Stock Car 2013 will receive a selection of new content updates transforming Game Stock Car 2013 into Game Stock Car Extreme. Today Reiza Studios is showing us the first previews of the upcoming DLC for Game Stock Car Extreme. We can have a look at the nimble Formula Vee Brazil and the high-powered Formula Extreme.

The small Volkswagen-powered Formula Vee single seaters are a real life representative of the Brazilian  junior motor racing formula, while the Formula Extreme is a V6 1.6 Turbo engine, 8-speed gearbox with energy recovery systems and DRS based on the 2014 Formula One technical regulations.

Reiza also reported that major features such as dynamic weather and a new tire model will become part of Game Stock Car Extreme. Reiza is aiming to make the GSCE platform one of the most complete and diverse sim racing titles on the PC platform.

You can purchase GSC 2013 at the official webpage


Game Stock Car Extreme DLC  Game Stock Car Extreme DLC 

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