Game Stock Car Extreme v1.27 Released

Game Stock Car Extreme 1.27

Game Stock Car Extreme v1.27 Released

Reiza Studios released Game Stock Car Extreme Update v1.27. Besides a big list of fixes and optimizations, the update also includes the new 4-stroke GX390 Kart and the Londrina kart circuit featuring 3 layouts. This update is free of charge for all existing GSCE customers.

changelog for v1.27:


  • Added new kart series: 4-stroke GX390 amateur racing spec


  • Added Londrina kart track (3 layouts)

Features & fixes:

  • Updated terrain shaders & textures for Spielberg, Spielberg Historic & Interlagos Historic (other tracks to receive the same treatment in following updates)
  • Several sound updates & fine tuning
  • Several physics updates & fine tuning
  • Various AI fixes & improvements
  • Further optimization (F-Retro, F-Vee & trackside TV cameras specially)
  • Fixed bug with F-Retro shadows becoming corrupted and crippling performance
  • Upgraded Metalmoro MR18 windshield resolution in all cars
  • Fixed alpha in road lines sorting with 3D grass blades in various tracks
  • Improved scaling of mirrors in all cars (further mapping corrections still to be done)
  • Reduced default cockpit FOV from 55 to 50 degrees in all cars

Known issues:
Several code-related issues reported from v1.21 & v1.25 are still present in this build, as the code is still being rewritten to eliminate most of the main issues and introduce new features. This is expected to be finished for v1.30 coming up next. For that reason v1.27 has the following known issues:

  • Bug in the scoring in championship mode for all series;
  • F-Extreme can occasionally disappear when hitting 8th gear in multiplayer;
  • F-Extreme & F-Reiza tyre restrictions are not applying in pitstops;
  • Setting grid position (when qualifying is turned off) does not work (always start from pole
  • Dedicated tool does not work from Steam version (does work from NonSteam install)

INSTALLATION (Non-Steam users):

Update to v1.27 by running GSC Sync.
If you are having any trouble updating via GSC Sync, you may download v1.27 update package here: v1.27 Update package

NOTE: The above package is for users updating from v1.252. If you are manually updating from v1.21 you will first need to install v1.21 to v1.25 update package from this link, and then add the v1.251 & v1.252 update package from this link , before applying the v1.27 update.

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