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Game Stock Car Extreme V1.52 available

Stock Car Extreme V1.52

Game Stock Car Extreme V1.51

Game Stock Car Extreme V1.52 available

REIZA Studios has released Game Stock Car Extreme V1.52 on Steam and via GSC Sync.

This small update brings us some more bug fixes and improvements to the simulator and also features physics adjustments for F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3 and the karts content. Keep in mind that this update will render your older GSCE replay files useless, due to some necessary replay code changes.

Game Stock Car Extreme V1.52 is now available on the Steam platform while non-Steam users can update to v1.51 by running GSC Sync.


Changelog for v1.52:

  • Added automatic rotation support for Fanatec Clubsport V2
  • Added DRS & tire compound state to replays
  • Fixed F-Retro error in Dedicated tool
  • Added onboard starter to SuperV8
  • Fixed fog is not working over grass blades
  • Adjusted SuperV8 collision mesh
  • AI calibration run-through for all series
  • Physics adjustments for F-Extreme, F-Reiza, F-3 & karts
  • Fixed Safety Car position at Montreal modern
  • Made main menu series selection arrows red for better visibility.


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