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Gamer Muscle talks ThrustMaster T500 RS

ThrustMaster T500 RS Video Review

Its time for a new Gamer Muscle video. This time he takes a look at the Thrustmaster T500 RS force feedback wheel. Gamer Muscle talks about the workings and details of the wheel, while driving a few laps in Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni. Properties as Feedback strength ,rotation speed, noise levels and button placements are analysed.  while comparing it to the trusty Logitech G25.  All of this in Gamer Muscle’s entertaining, yet informative style.

The Thrustmaster T500 RS is a Force feedback base unit  and a 12” wheel with brushed metal central spokes. The wheel is detachable so it can be fitted with upgrades such as the Ferrari F1 or Ferrari 458 Challenge Wheel Add-ons. The big yet authentic sequential gear shift levers are crafted of brushed metal, and are attached to the base unit. This means they don’t turn with the wheel. This is probably the only negative factor of the wheel. It has to be said that in the F1 wheel and 458 Challenge wheel add-on come with their own wheel mounted paddle shifters.

Another interesting feature is the reversible realistic pedal set. The pedals can be set up in floor-mounted position (F1-style) or Suspended position (GT-style) They are made of 100% metal. The pedals are fully adjustable as far as spacing and height are concerned.  The pedals also come with an optional “realistic brake” mod that can be used to stiffen up the lower end of the brake movement to get a more accurate feel when braking on the limit. The pedals are mounted on a metal footrest with a non-slip grating texture.

The dual belt feedback system uses a 16-bit resolution (65536 values on the steering) that are measured with contactless magnetic sensors. The Force Feedback motor generates 150mNm Torque at 3000rpm. It features an  angle of rotation adjustable up to 1080°  The wheel is compatible with Playstation 3 and PC.

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