GamerMuscle Checks Out The Last Garage Development Version

As I stated before on this website, since the early days of rFactor1 and the Racing for Holland sim racing team, I have had the pleasure to know Marcel Offermans as one of the friendliest and most open-minded individuals within the sim racing industry with a real passion for both the hobby and its community.

Back in 2016, Marcel who is an experienced Software architect migrated both rF1 and rF2 to Steam. Following this migration, Marcel founded Studio 397 and became its managing director. The new company took over the development of the Factor 2 racing simulator and communicated a very ambitious roadmap outlining the future of rFactor 2. While it has been a massive task to bring rF2 back to the higher echelons of Sim Racing, it is safe to say that Marcel and his team have done an outstanding job.

In May 2022, roughly a year after Miami Florida-based Game developer, publisher, and eSports ecosystem provider Motorsport Games Inc. announced that they had acquired Studio 397, Marcel Offermans officially announced that he was leaving the software studio he founded and would move on to a new adventure exploring new challenges.

That new challenge was the development of an entirely new sim racing project currently named “The Last Garage”. The project may lead to a fully developed in-house sim racing title, or they might license the technology to third-party developers. Time will tell.

It was stated that all the calculations of the physics engine were running at a whopping 1000Hz, delivering amazing detailed vehicle dynamics. Parts of the new physics engine are based on an open-source project called Project Chrono in which Marcel is an active participant. Check it out.

During the 2024 Sim Formula Expo held in the historic city of Maastricht, the Netherlands, our favorite Sim Racing YouTuber GamerMuscle had the chance to check out an early development version of the new real-time physics engine for The Last Garage. GM and Laurence Dusoswa who who also was present at the show jumped on the demo rig for a few laps and shared their first impressions.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about this new project and will keep you up to date when more news becomes available.

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