GamerMuscle Reviews The VRRC SimRace 5 T-Slot Chassis

GamerMuscle Reviews The VRRC SimRace 5 T-Slot Chassis

GamerMuscle is back with a spanking new video reviewing the Virtual Reality Racing Club (VRRC) SimRace 5 T-Slot Chassis.

The RIGS SimRace 5 chassis uses a highly modular 120×40 aluminum profile as its core construction. It is available in black, red, or blue, with an optional choice to choose a custom color. Keep in mind that the Wheel deck, pedal deck, corner brackets, plastic cover caps, and steel brackets remain in texture black.

The chassis utilizes high tensile steel “top hat” brackets to fix the uprights for the steering wheel ensures a solid connection that has minimum flex. The chassis coating is heat treated and powder coated by hand, to ensure the finish is not only durable but also the finish you would expect. The wide seat mounting aluminum profile is offering two heights for your seat to be mounted to.

The steering deck is made from one piece of 8mm high tensile steel and is easy to adjust in height, angle, and depth. The pedal deck is made from one piece of high tensile 5mm steel that has been heat-treated and powder coated in texture black to ensure the durability of the finish. 4 mounting points allow you to slide the pedal deck forwards and backward on 4 aluminum towers which allow height and angle adjustment.   

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Based in Liscombe Park, Soulbury Leighton Buzzard in the south-east of England, the Virtual Reality Racing Club uses state-of-the-art simulators to develop racecraft, improve circuit knowledge and driving skills.

The VRRC simulators are mobile and can be set up at any location in the world to offer a bespoke development course to ensure you focus on your development needs. VRCC blurs the lines between virtual reality and reality, catering to any type of motoring enthusiast and racing competitor. eSports training from professional competitors to world-class instructors.

VRCC provides Race Simulator Coaching sessions, and rent out simulators for Corporate Events. Furthermore, VRCC offers a full consultation service on driving simulators, with over 10 years of experience in delivering the right equipment for the customer’s needs.