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GamerMuscle takes a look at the Minorating Plugin for Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa - Minorating

GamerMuscle takes a look at the Minorating Plugin for Assetto Corsa

A few weeks ago, GamerMuscle posted a video regarding the lack of a ranking multiplayer system on most of the sim racing platforms. While for now, iRacing is the only platform that has implemented such a ranking system in its core engine, it is also possible to make use of a third-party plugin that will enable the same features on an online racing server.

One of the third-party solutions that will work in a similar way to iRacing’s iRating system is the Minorating Plugin.

Minorating (MR) is a plugin for Assetto Corsa designed to help make public servers a better environment to race in. The plugin runs server-side so there is no need for clients to download or run 3rd party software.
As with iRacing’s iRating system, contacts with other cars per distance traveled are used to calculate your rating. Think of it as an automatic, central whitelist with different levels of clean racing skills.
Its primary use will be to prevent ‘undesirables’ from entering public servers to cause havoc amongst people who want to race fairly with each other. It can easily distinguish between someone who is careless and continuously hitting other drivers, and those who are just unlucky and get hit by the careless. Of course, you still need to do your part and avoid collisions where possible.

For more detailed info, check out


Minorating Features: 

  • Safety rating recording
  • Collisions and driven distances (and some details) are processed per server and driver (via steamid). They are stored globally on
  • Grade-Authentification
  • You can set up your server in a way it will only accept drivers of distinct grades.
  • Multiclass position information
  • At the end of a (finished) race session, the server whispers their position inside their class (mainly car model).
  • Entertainment & competition (to be done)

To test the Minorating Ranking Plugin GamerMuscle joins a public race on the “A league Of Ordinary Gentleman” server. The AlOOG public server combines good moderation with the Minorating system, resulting in a fairly clean ranking and matching system.

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