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GamerMuscle takes a look at the latest RaceRoom update

RaceRoom Update

GamerMuscle takes a look at the latest RaceRoom update

Last week, Sector3 Studios released the latest Raceroom Racing Experience update including the Nürburgring Nordschleife and WTCC 2015 car pack ( Available after purchase). A few very interesting, yet lesser hyped parts of this huge update were the new Force Feedback features, GT3 physics improvements, and bigger grids featuring up to about a 100 cars. These latest changes significantly improved the already solid product.

To find out how all these improvements affect the overall feel of the sim, GamerMuscle jumped into his racing rig for a solid test session and talks about the good and the bad parts of the latest RaceRoom update.

Until this day, RaceRoom is still a highly underestimated racing simulator that has not yet been embraced by the majority of the sim racing community for allot of wrong reasons. We can only encourage those who have not yet tried RaceRoom to head over to the official website and install the free2play core version of the title. Once installed you can visit the RaceRoom store and test all the available cars in a limited environment free of charge. As we have noticed in the past, many out there will be amazed by what they have been missing.

Download RaceRoom Racing Experience now for free at

R3E is a free-to-play racing simulation on PC and is a home to official race series like DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters. A selection of free content is available to you in single- and multi-player modes. Online events provide you the opportunity to experience also premium game content for free. Optional game content like race cars, car liveries and tracks you can purchase anytime individually or in content packages with the in-game currency “virtual Race Points (vRP).”


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