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GamerMuscle’s take on the Mercedes SLS AMG for Assetto Corsa

GamerMuscle's takes a look at the Mercedes SLS

GamerMuscle’s takes a look at the Mercedes SLS AMG for Assetto Corsa

As you probably already know, Kunos Simulazioni added the Mercedes SLS AMG to the Assetto Corsa Early access version. GamerMuscle felt the urge to jump in the car and take it for a virtual spin. In this video he shares his thoughts on the car and also talks about the newly added Nurburgring Sprint track.

GamerMuscle states that the handling and Force Feedback of the Mercedes is very predictable. He succeeded to perform large slides that where easy to control with the steering wheel, or even the throttle. In his personal opinion the engine sounds a bit funky at lower RPM’s. While it was not GamersMuscle’s favourite car, he did enjoy the ride. The fans of street cars will surely love this add-on.

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