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gJED tool for rFactor 2 announced

Factor 2 gJED

Image Space Incorporated gJED editor

gJED tool for rFactor 2 announced

Image Space Incorporated announced that the gJED modding editor for rFactor 2 will be available in a few weeks time.

gJED, a new mesh and materials property editor for gMotor2-based applications such as rFactor. The gJED will allow modders to edit the gMotor2 content in real-time. Content creators will no longer be restricted to the 3DS Max platform, but will be able to edit content created in any content editor that is able to export the FBX file format.

gJED is a real-time DirectX application built using the same engine and shaders as rFactor 2, and therefore, has most of the same graphical options as rFactor2.

For those who are interested in the upcoming tool, ISI has already set up a web page sharing the gJED Documentation.

What you can do with gJED:

  • import/merge FBX files containing mesh, material and animation information
  • load/merge GMT files directly, or SCN/GEN files and their associated GMT files
  • edit mesh and material properties in real time
  • export scene as GMT, SCN, GEN, and ANM files

What you can NOT do with gJED:

  • create meshes or modify vertex locations
  • apply texture mapping to meshes or sub-sections of meshes
  • assign materials to meshes or sub-sections of meshes

You will still need a modelling program such as 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Modo, or SketchUp to create meshes, apply texture mappings and assign materials. In addition to importing FBX files, gJED can be also used to load and view existing SCN (track) and GEN (Car) files (and their associated GMT files) in real-time, as well as edit the properties of meshes, materials, textures, cameras, reflection mappers, and scenes. You can also adjust all HDR parameters. All changes are saved in the gJED Environment file (.gmenv), which contains the following data:

  • environment settings
  • material library
  • instance / mesh settings
  • reflection mapper settings
  • scene settings

The environment file is loaded and applied on top of FBX/GMT/SCN settings. This allows you to re-export from your modeler to FBX format as often as you like while preserving work done on previous scenes. In the case of GMTs loaded from existing SCN file, the environment settings will match those from the most recently exported GMT/SCN files.

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