Gomez Sim Industries – A Look At The New Hyper P1 Wheel

Gomez Sim Industries - A Look At The New Hyper P1 Wheel
Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1 Wheel Front

US-based Gomez Sim Industries manufactures high-end Esports equipment and controls for sim racing systems. Especially known for its Formula Pro Elite full-featured sim steering wheel, the company has made a pretty good name for itself.

Now Gomez Sim Industries introduced its new flagship product in the form of the GSI Hyper P1 Formula Wheel.

This high-end sim racing wheel is built around a CNC-machined aluminum body, a 5mm thick carbon-fiber faceplate, and high-quality molded silicone handles. The handles are over-molded on the Aluminum body for zero flex.

The front of the wheel features a 4.3-inch LCD display, 88 programmable LEDs, 4 Rotary thumb encoders, 5 LED domed backlit rotaries, 3 multi switches (7-way), and 12 (550-gram force) LED buttons.

The rear of the wheel is equipped with a carbon Dual clutch system and carbon shifter paddles. Also, the wheel can optionally be fitted with two extra paddles (As pictured below). The Hyper P1 Formula Wheel can be connected to a wheelbase via an optional GSI QRS-1 quick-release, or via 3rd-party solutions.

Currently, the Hyper P1 Formula Wheel is on pre-order at a starting price of $1650.00 + shipping.

Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1 Wheel Rear

Official Webpage – gomezsimindustries.com