Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite Steering Wheel

Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite Steering Wheel

US based Gomez Sim Industries are manufacturing high-end Esports equipment and controls for sim racing systems.

Their flagship product is the Formula Pro Elite full-featured sim steering wheel. This 310mm diameter Formula wheel is built around a 5mm thick Carbon Fiber faceplate and high-quality aluminum body parts which result in a flex-free unit. The wheel is fitted with injection-molded silicone rubber handles for maximum grip and comfort.

The wheel plate features an 8 Way Funky Switch, 10 momentary buttons, 5 Rotary Encoders, and a full color high-resolution USBD480 screen. Furthermore, the Formula Pro Elite is equipped with a set of black anodized aluminum constructed magnetic gear shifters.

The unit features a 70mm PCD bolt pattern that will allow fitment to the majority of wheel hubs on the market. The wheel electronics are connected to the PC via a coiled USB cable fitted with a 4pin DIN connector for a secure connection.


The GSI Formula Pro Elite is available via the official Gomez Sim Industries website for $1,250.00 + shipping.


  • The wheel is also available with the option of a Dual Clutch, at an additional cost of $185.00.
  • The screen can be upgraded to a touch screen for an extra $75.00.


  • 5mm Thick Carbon Fiber Face Plate
  • 310mm Diameter
  • 70mm threaded bolt pattern
  • Connection via USB
  • USBD480 Screen
  • 8 Way Funky Switch
  • 10 momentary buttons
  • 5 Rotary Encoders
  • Aluminum Magnetic Shifters

Official Webpage – gomezsimindustries.com