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GP Bikes – Beta 4 Released.

GP Bikes


Piboso released BETA 4 of his GP-Bikes Simulator. This update contains a vast amount of fixes and new features.

GP Bikes is a realistic motorcycle simulator, based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates motorcycle dynamics and setup options.Ā GP Bikes also allows to host and join online races, with an integrated matchmaking server. During events data is collected, to provideĀ statisticsĀ for riders’ comparison.


  • fix: brakes simulation
  • fix: slipstream
  • fix: bike reset
  • fix: direct connection category mismatch
  • fix: crash when going to track for a race
  • fix: send setup changed to share setup
  • fix: flagman
  • fix: admin page
  • fix: xml export
  • fix: penalties export
  • fix: free camera speed controls
  • fix: alpha sort
  • new: gearbox engine cutoff support
  • new: gearbox preload support
  • new: helmet model change option
  • new: helmet paint support
  • new: riding styles support
  • new: dedicated server chat
  • new: plugins track centerline
  • new: race start sound
  • new: setup export
  • new: replay camera controls setting
  • new: track help disable option
  • new: framerate cap
  • new: autobrake disable option
  • new: cockpit info disable option


  • – automotive industry-standardĀ tireĀ model
  • – dynamic track surface groove buildup
  • – wet track simulation and dynamic drying
  • – dynamic marbles generation
  • –Ā tiresĀ pickup of marbles, grass and dirt, affecting grip
  • – output of CSV files with telemetry data to analyze riding sessions
  • – a plugins interface allows external programs to receive realtime data from the simulated bike
  • – LAN and online racing. Dedicated server available
  • – advanced users can build new tracks and integrate them with the provided tools


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