Gran Turismo 7 Coming To The PS VR2 At Launch

At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced that among more than 30 games, Gran Turismo 7 will be a launch title for the release of the new PlayStation VR2 headset.

During Sony’s CES press conference, the CEO and chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 will get a free VR update in time for the release of the new Playstation virtual reality headset on February 22, 2023.

While the Gran Turismo Sport title already supported the 2016 original PlayStation 4 VR headset in a rather limited form, it is not yet clear how in-depth the Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 5 Virtual Reality experience will be. Nevertheless, using the extra power of the PS5 hardware, it is safe to say that the PS VR2 will easily outperform its predecessor.

Sony PS VR2

The PlayStation VR 2 headset is an exclusive product for the PlayStation 5. The unit is currently on preorder and has an MSRP of $549.99 / £529.00 / €599.99.

The kit includes a set of VR2 Sense controllers and a stereo headphone that fits directly to the headset. The PS5 console is paired up with a set of MediaTek SoC chips, one in the headset display and another in each of the PS VR2’s controllers. A Sense controller charging station will be sold separately for $49.99 / €49.99 / £39.99.

In comparison to its predecessor, now the PS VR2 cameras will track the controllers. Furthermore, the unit includes features such as eye tracking, headset feedback, See-through view, and 3D Audio.

The headset can be utilized in two different video modes. In VR mode, the headset delivers 4000 x 2040 pixels (2000 x 2040 per eye) visuals, in HDR and up to a 120Hz refresh rate. In Cinematic mode, the headset can be used to watch media in 1080p HDR, generating a virtual theatre experience.

Keep in mind that the PlayStation VR2 is not backward compatible with VR games made for the original PSVR.

PS VR2 Specifications:

  • Display method – OLED
  • Panel resolution​ – 2000 x 2040 per eye
  • Panel refresh rate – 90Hz, 120Hz
  • Lens separation – Adjustable
  • Field of View​ – Approx. 110 degrees
  • Sensors​ – Motion sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)​ – Attachment sensor: IR proximity sensor
  • Cameras​ – 4 embedded cameras for headset and controller tracking​ – IR camera for eye tracking per eye
  • Feedback​ – Vibration on the headset
  • Communication​ with PS5 – USB Type-C
  • Audio​ – Input: Built-in microphone Output: Stereo headphone jack

Featured GT7 VR clip by Below you can find the full Sony 2023 Press Conference footage.

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