Gran Turismo 7 – The Team Behind GT Sophy – Part 2

Back in February, I posted that the people at Sony AI, which is an owned subsidiary of Sony Group Corporation, Polyphony Digital Inc, and Sony Interactive Entertainment teamed up to develop Gran Turismo Sophy.

The Gran Turismo Game AI project actually began around 2016 when Kenta Kawamoto, a researcher in Sony’s R&D center, started exploring the idea of using this particular game as a testbed for investigating reinforcement learning.

In this episode of the new “The Team Behind GT Sophy” Doku video series, the team at Sony AI takes the racing agent they have trained to play “Gran Turismo” and puts it to the ultimate test.

At the April 2021 Race Together event, GT Sophy would face off against some of the finest human “Gran Turismo” players in the world. Had the team taught their AI racer to master the skills required to hold their own against esports champions?

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