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Grid 2 – Track List revealed.


CodeMasters have revealed the track list for their upcoming GRID-2 title.

Having access to some of the greatest cars in the world may be one thing but you need a place to race them, locations to push them to their limits. We’re pleased to confirm the full track list below, we look forward to joining you on the starting grid!




– GP Circuit [Day]
– Infield Circuit [Day]
– Sport Circuit [Day]
– North Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– Oval Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]



– Big Sur [Day]
– Big Sur [Night]
– Bixby Pass [Day]
– Bixby Pass [Night]
– Pebble Beach Drive [Day]
– Pebble Beach Drive [Night]
– Redwood Approach [Day]
– Redwood Approach [Night]
– Pacific Way [Sunset]



– Causeway Approach [Day]
– Causeway Approach [Night]
– Collins Park Ring [Day]
– Collins Park Ring [Night]
– Downtown Speedway [Day]
– Downtown Speedway [Night]
– South Point Bay [Day]
– South Point Bay [Night]
– Art Deco Loop [Sunset]
– Ocean Drive [Sunset]
– LiveRoutes [Day]



– Lake Shore Point [Day]
– Lake Shore Point [Night]
– The Loop [Day]
– The Loop [Night]
– Underpass Ring [Day]
– Underpass Ring [Night]
– Wabash Run [Day]
– Wabash Run [Night]
– Marina City [Sunset]
– Riverside [Sunset]
– LiveRoutes [Day]



Brands Hatch, UK:

– Indy Circuit [Day]
– Indy Circuit Reversed [Day]
– GP Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– GP Circuit Reversed [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]


Algarve, Portugal:

– Club Circuit [Day]
– GP Circuit [Day]
– National Circuit [Day]
– Sport Circuit [Day]



– Columbus Pass [Day]
– Columbus Pass [Night]
– High Street [Day]
– High Street [Night]
– Marine Gate [Day]
– Marine Gate [Night]
– Memorial Gate [Day]
– Memorial Gate [Night]
– Columbus Bay [Sunset]
– Fountain Loop [Sunset]
– LiveRoutes [Day]


Red Bull Ring:

– North Circuit [Day]
– North Circuit Reversed [Day]
– South Circuit [Day]
– South Circuit Reversed [Day]
– GP Circuit [Day]
– GP Circuit Reversed [Day]


Paris, France:

– Arc De Triomphe [Day]
– Arc De Triomphe [Night]
– Avenue De New-York [Day]
– Avenue De New-York [Night]
– Circuit De La Seine [Day]
– Circuit De La Seine [Night]
– Pont De L’alma [Day]
– Pont De L’alma [Night]
– Champs Elysees [Sunset]
– Le Trocadero [Sunset]
– LiveRoutes [Day]


Cote d’Azur, France:

– La Turbie [Day]
– La Turbie [Night]
– Leopolda [Day]
– Leopoldar [Night]
– Route d’Azur [Day]
– Route d’Azur [Night]
– Saint-Laurent [Day]
– Saint-Laurent [Night]
– Cabrillo Highway [Sunset]
– Route De Corniche [Sunset]



Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi:

– Championship Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– Championship Circuit [Night]
– GP Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– GP Circuit [Night]
– International Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– International Circuit [Night]
– Paddock Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– Paddock Circuit [Night]
– South Circuit [Day] [Pre-Order Bonus]
– South Circuit [Night]


Okutama, Japan:

– Mizu Mountain [Day]
– Mizu Mountain [Night]
– Tatsu Valley [Day]
– Tatsu Valley [Night]
– Tenshi Way [Day]
– Tenshi Way [Night]
– Shinto Shrine [Day]
– Shinto Shrine [Night]
– Sakura Pass [Sunset]
– Torii Rush [Sunset]


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

– Al Sufouh Strip [Day]
– Al Sufouh Strip [Night]
– Gulf Approach [Day]
– Gulf Approach [Night]
– Jumeirah Beach [Day]
– Jumeirah Beach [Night]
– Nakheel Vista [Day]
– Nakheel Vista [Night]
– Hattan Way [Sunset]
– Orra Quay Loop [Sunset]
– LiveRoutes [Day]


Hong Kong, China:

– Kowloon Climb [Day]
– Kowloon Climb [Night]
– Magazine Gap [Day]
– Magazine Gap [Night]
– Peak Road Descent [Day]
– Peak Road Descent [Night]
– Wan Chai Gap [Day]
– Wan Chai Gap [Night]
– Ap Lei Chau [Sunset]
– Pok Fu Lam [Sunset]



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