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GRID Autosport Black Edition pre-order

GRID Autosport Black Edition

GRID Autosport Black Edition

After analyzing the Grid 2 pre-order data, Codemasters stated they realized that most gamers did not care about complicated pre-order bonus formats. Another problem was the fragmentation of the community when too much exclusive content was distributed. So listening to their community, Codemasters decided to create the GRID Autosport Black Edition of the game to keep the Pre-Order bonus of the game simple, while having no effect on the collective of gamers.

This Limited Black Edition includes access to the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series car, as well as 5 Black Edition White Ravenwest liveries, 20 Black Edition Online livery patterns and 10 new Premium sponsors. GRID Autosport Black Edition features the full GRID Autosport game and is expanded with additional content via digital download.

The console edition can be pre-ordered for €55.00, / £44.99, while the PC version comes in at €49.00 / £39.99. ( prices not yet confirmed)

GRID Autosport Black Edition pre-Order content:

  • Exclusive Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series car
  • Exclusive Black Edition white Ravenwest liveries for Black Edition cars
  • Online premium sponsors
  • 20 extra ‘Black Edition’ online livery patterns
  • 10 new sponsors with objectives

Pre-orders for GRID Autosport are already available at various retailers.  Codemasters confirmed that Steam pre-orders will be available within the next two weeks. CodeMasters Autosport Black Edition will launch alongside the standard game on June 27 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.  the title will feature over a 100 routes across 22 locations, and will let you drive a wide selection of high-performance racing cars.

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GRID Autosport Black Edition pre-order

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