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GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3 ( review by Paul Thompson)

GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3

GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3

The GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3 is an independent monitor stand which allows the user to adjust and place the screen right in front of the wheel and give the perfect visibility for racing. adjust the distance and the height of the monitors to suit your driving position. Comes with 2 speaker mounts and a Console/Table Tray.

Guest review by Paul Thompson.

I took delivery of my GT Omega triple monitor stand some 3 weeks ago, and needless to say I’m mighty impressed with what I’ve bought. I’d been in communication with Leo from GT Omega with regards to the next available unit for some time, as the web site had been showing “out of stock” for little while, but when the new stock arrived Leo promptly emailed me to tell me, and I duly placed my order.

I was really surprised when roughly two days later, I had a collection of rather large and heavy boxes turn up, and I couldn’t wait to unpack all of the contents and set about building my stand. I will agree with Darin Gangi’s comments in his review video, the instruction leave a little to be desired, but really it’s not like building a rocket ship.

So after an evening of messing around, followed by another few nights of tweaking and changing things, well I can finally say the stand is up and running and in placement in my gaming room.

The build quality of the stand is very high, and I encountered no problems at all when building it. Everything fitted as instructed, and all the edges were smooth with no worries of being cut.

Once I had fitted all 3 of my 27″ monitors and adjusted each simulator I play to place me in the correct position of each given car, well it was like a light had been switched on. I’ve been sim racing since the early days of Grand Prix 2, and playing arcade racing games for years before that (I’m 43), but the update of 3 monitors has changed everything I do in racing. What crazy is that due to simple placement of the car, and being able to run to the white line (or beyond) of each track, well on average I’m around 2 seconds per lap quicker, what’s also crazy is that I’m more metronomic with my lap times, which now tend to only vary by tenths as opposed to seconds.

I’m still in the process of learning to drive with 3 monitors, and rubbing wing mirrors is much more fun now, but this has to be the most single most important purchase to my home Sim rig since the invention of the steering wheel 😀

For me I would give this product 9 out of 10.

Paul Thompson,

(You can have a look at Paul’s Racing rig at the bottom of this post)

The GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand is retailed for £179.99 / €226 / $281.50 + Shipping. For more info and purchase, check out
GT Omega  GT Omega

Monitor Stand Content:

  • Triple Monitor Stand
  • Table Top
  • 2 speaker mounts
  • Single and Triple Monitor plates.
  • Assembly tools.

Mounting plate come with VESA mounting holes of:

  • 75mm x 75mm,
  • 100mm x 100mm
  • 200mm x 100mm
  • 200mm x 200mm

Monitor Stand Dimension & Weight:

  • 23KG
  • Width –   121cm (between the feet base is about 90cm)
  • Length – 65cm
  • Height – 110cm
Official Webpage –


GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand V3