GT OMP Superquadro SLI Pro Wheelplate by Leopoldo Ramirez

OMP Superquadro SLI Pro Wheelplate by Leopoldo Ramirez

Here at Bsimracing, we are always on the lookout for some more stunning Leopoldo Ramirez creations.

Lately, Leopoldo has been working on a new high-quality wheel plate for an OSW sim racing direct drive steering system fitted with a 320 x 290mm OMP Superquadro Wheel rim. The “Panel GT” as its called, is a custom build wheel hub with integrated magnetic switch paddle shifters and an SLI-Pro telemetry display.

The hub is also fitted with two rotary encoders and eight high-end push buttons. Because, quality is often in the details, Leopoldo opted for a very durable coiled USB cable fitted with an industrial grade connector to connect the unit to a simulator PC.


Custom High-Quality Sim Racing Wheels By Leopoldo Ramirez