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GTPC Sound preview (Virtua_LM Junior Team)

Virtua_LM Junior Team GTPC in-game video

The Virtua_LM Junior Team released a sound preview video of their anticipated GTPC mod for rFactor.  At the moment the modding team is beta testing the GTPC mod to filter out the last bugs.

In this video you can have a listen at a few of the new and reworked car sounds for both prototype’s and GT’s that will be featured in the GTPC Project. A part of the sound set is created by [RMT] Racers Modding Team Sound member Thinlane_T, who happens to be a huge Group C and Virtua_LM fan. His latest sound set weighted in at a massive a 500MB. Creating sounds for the massive amount of featured cars is a project on its own.

The GTPC mod consists out of a huge amount of cars and liveries that raced in the world famous 24 hours of Le Mans during the 80s. It started life as the Virtua_LM Group-C mod project, but got the name changed later on and after a long time is now being finished by the Junior team.

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