GTR2 – GTLW Mod Team is working on a Power & Glory V3.1 update Patch.





The GTLW Mod Team announced a upcoming update for their Power & Glory project for GTR2.
The team is preparing the P&G v3.1 patch.

The patch will come with a lot of fixes to adress bugs and issues with the P&G v3.0 mod, and contain plenty improvements and a few new cars.

In the screenshots you can admire the 1974 Ford Escort Zakspeed (RS2000).

The Ford Escort MKI Zakspeed was driven by Peter Hennige in the 1974 DRM championship. The car competed in the DRM group 2 class.
The car was tuned and prepared by the German Ford specialist Zakspeed, also known for his preparations of the Ford Capri. The car was fitted with a Ford 1996 cc BDA aluminium engine block , which provided 272 hp at 8500 rpm. Hennige was ranked 16th in the 1974 DRM championship gathering 19 points, and car also won the overall ETCC championship in the same year.


Power&Glory V3.0 project.

A total mod of 2.30+ GB of compressed data, and over 3.9GB when installed, featuringcompletely redesigned User Interface, 59 aud sound configuration files and 1153 soundfiles made from scratch, 373 .car files with tons of skins and history described, 199 .hdcspecific physics files, you’ll find it difficult to drive to identical cars, 125 .tyr different tyre files all balanced and proportioned to one another, ingame setup tyre help manuals,improved collisions and multiplayer, improved force feedback and tons of incredibledetails on the 3D models and skins of the cars, every one of it painstakingly documented and verified from homologation papers, era magazines, books original service manuals and help from mechanics of the era and actual drivers.

A monumental work free for you to download, drive and immerse yourself a little bit in the lives of our 60s and 70s driving heroes.


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