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Hardware – A look at the CXC Simulations Motion Pro II.

CXC Simulations


Sim Racing Rigs and professional training simulators are advancing at the same speed as real world racing technology these days. Today we have a multiple choice of Simulator manufacturers out there. Some are geared towards the beginner or gamer, but also in the high end market, we have a choice of  professionally engineered hardware.

Sim racing and Simulators are no longer a taboo in the racing world. Wether its track awareness, or race craft practise, allot of racing teams out there start to embrace the virtual training tool. Also sim racing has matured into a virtual sport. With all this comes the professional Simulator rig. High end materials, precision engineering, low latency feedback systems, telemetry hardware and more are now in demand.  The last few years we have seen a number of these pioneering companies become a household name in the Simulators industry.  One of those names is CXC Simulations.

In 2007  Chris Considine founded CXC Simulations . Based in Los Angeles, California, he started building simulators for both professional drivers and motorsports enthusiasts. It did not take long before the CXC Motion Pro was born.  Today the famous CXC Motion Pro Simulator is the pride of the company. Purpose build for professional and commercial environments. From a standard to fully customised system, the CXC Motion Pro II is one of the most advanced racing simulators on the market today.


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