Hardware: ARC_TEAM holiday sales are here.



ARC_TEAM Together on track.

When times are difficult for all, Arc_Team want to help the virtual driving enthusiast by providing some of their products at anti-crisis prices.

Therefore, from today until the 30th of September they offer some of their stock products at very special prices.

Take a look at the OFFICIAL STORE and discover the interesting items, might be waiting for you to pick up at a special price.

If interested, do not hesitate to long . Stocks are not inexhaustible and you might arrive too late!
ARC_Team will be closed for vacation from July 27 to August 27 and all orders arrived by July 25th will be processed in the same month.

Orders placed after July 26th will be processed when we come back, unless, in the meantime, the product is sold out.


Check out the new ARC_TEAM Webstore @ http://www.f1driving.it/ecommerce/

For more info visit http://www.f1driving.it/en