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Hardware – DEM Racing Simulators DRS-LC Pedals announced.


DRS-LC Pedals

DRS-LC Pedals  DRS-LC Pedals


After last years DRS-Pedals release by DEM Racing Simulators, they now announced the DRS-LC Pedals.
This new pedal set can be called the evolution of their first DRS-Pedals design. At this time DEM Racing simulators did not yet announce the full technical details of the set, but some features have become clear already.

The accelerator and optional Clutch pedal will feature a position sensor linear resistive for its measurement.
These are sensors which are¬†Positional¬†in nature which means that they are referenced either to or from some fixed point or position. As their name implies, these types of sensors provide a “position” feedback.

One method of determining a position, is to use either “distance”, which could be the distance between two points such as the distance travelled or moved away from some fixed point, or by “rotation” (angular movement). For example, the rotation of a robots wheel to determine its distance travelled along the ground. Either way,¬†Position Sensors¬†can detect the movement of an object in a straight line using¬†Linear Sensors.

The Brake pedal pressure is measured by a load cell.  A load cell is a transducer that is used to convert a force into an electrical signal.
The unit will feature the option to mount the pedals either in GT or Open wheeler style. ( standing, or hanging pedals) It is stated that the conversion can be done in mere minutes.
Connecting the hardware to your computer will be achieved by a single USB cable.

When all goes to plan the pedals are reported to be released by late January 2014.
A Pre-Order will start soon. The price is not yet announced


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