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Hardware – Evotek SYM 026 Simulator – Imola Circuit

Evotek engineering


Experience a lap onboard  the Evotek SYM 026 F1 Simulator running a lap at the Imola Circuit.
Evotek CEO, Michele Serra is showcasing the Evotek SYM 026 in full action . The Simulators are Custom built in Italy by former Ferrari engineers, and are known as the ultimate rigs in Formula One simulation.

At a starting price of $80k, it is not cheap, but then again, Quality Pro material never is. Evotek SYM 026 can be set up not only as a platform for professional drivers to help them meet motor sport and drive training requirements, but also for entertainment centers or games rooms, or for private use for those wishing to experience the excitement of driving a Formula One car


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