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FANATEC – What Rim do you want?

Submitted by Thomas on his blog  – Thu, 04/05/2012 – 12:53.

Let’s talk about future wheel rims for the ClubSport wheel.

We are currently working on four rims of which two of them have been announced already. I would like to encourage you to let me know what rims you like most and what functions they should have like

  • Amount of buttons
  • Amount of shifter paddles (analog and/or buttons)
  • Material of rim
  • Material and colours of the inner rim
  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • Target price ?

Just let me know whatever you think might be helpful. We have almost no technical limitation on the ClubSport Base.

These are the rims which are currently under development or in planning phase:

  • BMW GT2
  • Classic (wood)
  • Classic F1
  • F1 licensed
  • F1 generic
  • LMP1
  • Drift
  • Rallye
  • Porsche GT
  • Simrace special (not realistic but optimized for performance)

Please note that the order does not indicate any priorities. It can take several years until all rims will be ready for production.

For the CSR Elite wheel we will introduce the Formula rim for sure and depending on the success of this add-on we will release a GT rim as well. The electronics of the CSR Elite wheel are limited so we cannot have a proper quick release, rev light indicators, analog joystick, encoder switches or the same amount of buttons like on the CSW rims. The CSR E rims have to follow exactly the same specs as the original wheel.

So please let me know what you want and we will do our best to deliver those rims in the next years.

PS: We will not make adapters to connect other wheel rims as this brings too many technical problems and issues with warranty and safety.

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