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Hardware – Leo Bodnar Visit Part 1 – SimSteering.


Apex Racing TV welcomes you to Part 1 of a Product Review of Leo Bodnar equipment. In this first part they our looking at the Bodnar professional grade SimSteering wheel. 

Costing a massive £2499, thats € 2924,85 or $3823,97 without VAT it will not become a mass product.
Then again, Leo Bodnar fame probably ensures that this is a high quality innovative Sim Racing product.

As stated on the official website..  STRENGTH. PRECISION. STABILITY. CONTROL



  • 16nm peak torque
  • 10,000 PPR Encoder
  • 20,000Hz internal update rate
  • Used by professional driver training centres and race teams since 2010
  • Powered by mains 100 – 240 VAC
  • Works on every sim race game we’ve tested including, rFactor 1&2, iRacing, DiRT 1,2&3, F1 2010,2011,2012, P. C.A.R.S, Assetto Corsa, all SimBin titles plus many more.

Kit Components

  • SimSteering Control Box
  • High precision and strength servo motor
  • Desktop Mounting Bracket
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Shaft Clamp Adaptor (with 70mm & 50.8mm bolt patterns)
  • GT Steering Wheel
  • 2m motor cables
  • 3m USB Cable
  • Choice of UK, US or EU power Cable
  • Manual
  • Config software

Make sure you don’t miss the upcoming parts 2 and 3.


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