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Hardware – Precision Sim Engineering – Fanatec Rim Multi wheelbase mod.

Precision Sim Engineering
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Precision Sim Engineering is known for high quality engineered steering wheel mods. This time he modified a Fanatec Formula Rim so it will be usable on just about any FFB base. Imagine the rim on a Thrustmaster T500 or Thrustmaster TX, Frex wheel, ECCI, or the Leo Bodnar Sim Steering wheel.

PSE also swapped the standard Fanatec paddles with the high quality Precision Sim Engineering ‘Snap Action’ Shifters. The Fanatec wheel rim is now engineered so it can accommodate any 3-bolt Quick Release system. Precision Sim Engineering is offering the ‘Go-Race’ quick release system as standard. However, the included pictures show the optional Rapfix Racing System.

It is stated that the wheel will be compatible with Thrustmaster T500 and TX units using a specially designed direct-fit adapter. The Fanatec rim will connect using a standard USB plug, while the display and Rev lights are powered by FanaLeds software. Precision Sim Engineering makes it clear that the product is still a prototype. Some of the visual aspects might change during refinement of the wheel, so the production version might look slightly different.

Those interested in the product can contact Precision Sim Engineering at this email