Hardware – Quick Release with the Steelseries Wheel. [VIDEO]



Quick Release with the Steelseries Wheel.

This system has been designed by John Zapata (JZfilms),

He has worked nearly two years on thr project, and the design has undergone several improvements over time.
Testing the prototype took about a year, and currently it works without a single problem.

The System consists of 5 pieces made of duralumin, 2 des which, are anchored in the body of the G25/G27.

This system is equipped with a 15-pin connection, used to maintain the functionality of The G25/G27.
Apart from these connections, it also allows up to two extra USB devices to be connected
This can only be done by mounting the necessary cables inside the steering wheel hub of the G25 or G27.
Removing the body can be slightly difficult.

Check out http://simulaje.blogspot.com.es for info and purschase.