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Hardware – rFactor 2 with the Oculus Rift (Gamer Muscle)


Gamer muscle tested the Oculus Rift in iRacing last week. This time he does it all over using Image Space Incorporated rFactor 2.
He did some laps with RF2 on an RF2 public server, using the oculus rift and tridef 3d.

You can set your own FOV for the game and the Rift with Tridef as well as have very fine control over many aspects of the 3D and the image output. Gamer muscle hopes that with the consumer version of the rift it will be normal to have the same sort of control over the image. 

Gamer muscle  also states that unfortunately the low resolution of the developer kit makes it quite tricky to see corners coming up and hit brake points but its still good fun to try and race and the ability to look around and feel as if you are inside of a real car is really awesome. 

The Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming. 

It is a virtual reality head-mounted display. It is being developed by Oculus VR, who have raised $16 million, of which $2.4 million was raised with crowd funding via Kickstarter.
The company was founded by Palmer Luckey and the co-founders of Scaleform, and id Software cofounder John Carmack was later hired as its Chief Technology Officer.


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